Printing is the process by which things are printed. Before German super-spy Johannes Gutenberg stole the secrets of movable type from the Gods of Mount Olympus, monks in itchy brown robes had to copy everything out by hand. Consequently, there wasn’t really much to read. Just the Bible, pretty much, so if you were a Jew or a heathen you were pretty much out of luck for reading material. Also, you were probably burned at the stake.

Modern printing presses are used for pretty much the same things as monks, except they don’t do all that boring chanting and they can print a lot more stuff in an hour, plus you don’t have to keep them in some remote monastery out in the middle of nowhere. With the advent of modern printing came newspapers, books, and porn in mass quantities, although most people liked to keep quiet about the porn. You had to go to a back alley and meet a fat man named Jerry to get it back then, but fortunately we now live in more civilized times, when a man can buy his sadomasochism and bondage pornography and storybooks for his children at the same store, saving him a long and tiresome journey.